What the Trend Reports

Twitter has become one of the must-have sources of real-time information. Filtered out of millions of tweets, Twitter's list of top trending topics gives a summary glance at what the world is discussing. What The Trend breaks down this information, providing explanations for why topics trend and data behind trending patterns to allow easy comparison and measurement of social media "buzz."

What the Trend reports are a subscription service that provides insight and intelligence on what is happening with Twitter trends. What the Trend customers receive access to the WTT web dashboard that provides:

Overview of Top/Hottest trends worldwide, and trends divided by category.
Global Trends
The top trends worldwide over a user-selectable time period. Compare against previous periods.
Local Trends
What's trending in a specific area of the world over a user-selectable time period. Compare against previous periods.
Trend reports
Filter and query against our database of 45,000+ trends for changes in activity.
View who, where and how fast our trends are defined.
Weekly In-Depth Analysis
Report includes:
  • Top 100 Trends with descriptions, categories, rank and points
  • Editorial of the week in review
  • Top trending hashtags
  • View Sample Report

Some of our reporting consumers

Advertising Age

AdAge uses reporting data to write a weekly column discussing the top-tweeted brands of the previous week.


Mashable uses data from What The Trend for its weekly Top Twitter Topics series.

What the Trend is available for the introductory price of $450*/month.
$450 price is for a 12-month commitment. Month-to-month price is $550.